DIY Horizontal Slat Screens and Fences: Assembly Guide

Tip: Install your posts and double check heights and widths before cutting your materials to size.

How to Assemble Aluminium Slat Fences and Screens

  1. Set out a clean work area and use protection, such as cardboard, on the ground to avoid scratching your screen.
  2. Lay the first side frame (A1) on the ground. Using a rubber mallet, tap the slats (B) one at a time into the side frame
  3. To fit the second side frame (A2), start at one end and tap the side frame onto the first slat. Then gradually work your way down, tapping the side frame onto the slats one at a time until they are all fully engaged.
Assembling horizontal slat fixed screens, panels and fences.
  1. Side Frame
  2. Slat
  3. Post
  4. F-box
  5. Side Frame Cap

How to Install Aluminium Slat Fences and Screens

  1. Screw the F-box to each aluminium post (or existing brick wall or pier) and insert the screen into the F-box channel using one of the methods below:

Option 1

Screw the F-box to each post using a screw at the top, bottom, and middle. Slide the screen vertically into the F-box channels. 

Option 2

If it is not possible to slide the screen vertically into the F-box, then screw the first F-box (D1) to the post, hold the second F-box (D2) against the screen, and slide the screen into place horizontally. Then, screw the second F-box (D2) to the post.

Installing horizontal flat fixed screens - F-box option 2
Plan view showing how the screen can be horizontally inserted into the F-box channel.
  1. Fix the screen to the F-box channel using a screws at the top, middle, and bottom of each F-box. Place screws on the back of the screen only to minimise visible fixings.
  2. Put on the side frame caps.

These aluminium slat DIY guides provide a general guide to constructing a fence, gate, or screen, and might not be suitable for your project. Be sure to double check your measurements, material quantities, and slat height tables before you begin.

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