DIY Horizontal Slat Gate: Assembly Guide

Tip: Install your posts and double check heights and widths before cutting your materials to size.

How To Build Aluminium Slat Gates

  1. Set out a clean work area and use protection, such as cardboard, on the ground to avoid scratching your gate.
  2. Remove the screw cover strips (F) from the gate frame (G) and put them aside.
  3. Lay the first gate frame (G1) on the ground. Using a rubber mallet, begin from one end and tap the slats (B) one at a time into the gate frame. Make sure the slats are fully engaged.
  4. Starting at one end, tap the second gate frame (G2) onto the first slat. Then gradually work your way down, tapping the gate frame onto the slats one at a time until they are all fully engaged.
  5. Fix the first gate frame (G1) to the slats using an electric drill or impact driver and the provided phillips head drive bit and 75mm screws. Using the pre-drilled gate frame holes, screw the slats at the top and bottom of the gate and every second slat in between. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws.
  6. Carefully turn the gate over and repeat the process for the second gate frame (G2). Be sure to screw the same slats on each side of the gate! If you have gate screws left over, use these to fix additional slats on both sides.
  7. Using a rubber mallet, gently tap the screw cover strips (F) into place on each gate frame (G).
  8. Put the gate frame caps (I) onto the top of the gate frame (G).
  9. You can now fix your hinges to the gate and it is ready to hang!

Tip: For a standard 1.8m tall by 1.5m wide gate leaf, you only need to fix the top slat, bottom slat, and every second slat in between.

Horizontal slat gate assembly
How to assemble a horizontal slate gate.

B. Slat 75x17mm double ribbed slat blade - 1 screw flute

G. Gate frame Gate box

F. Screw cover strip Screw cover strip

H. Screw

I. Gate frame capGate box cap

These aluminium slat DIY guides provide a general guide to constructing a fence, gate, or screen, and might not be suitable for your project. Be sure to double check your measurements, material quantities, and slat height tables before you begin.

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