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Buildable Materials distributes high quality, custom aluminium screening and gate materials.

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Thank you for taking an interest in our fencing products. We take a huge amount of pride in helping you exceed your expectations when it comes to building aluminium slat fences and gates using Australian designed and manufactured products. This stuff is truly a cut above the rest, and it shows!

Whether you are looking for the best materials for a new side gate or quoting a complete fit out for a unit complex - we can serve your needs with clear communication and accuracy. We strive to supply you with value-adding products that assemble quickly, easily and look amazing for years to come.

The quality of our product speaks for itself, however, if you would like to see first hand before you buy, send me an email to dan.wiley@buildablematerials.com.au with a mailing address and i'll send you out a panel (a small one!) to check out for free.

We guarantee that our materials will arrive exactly as you ordered and in perfect condition.

If any component arrives damaged, missing or incorrect in any other way it will be replaced at no cost to you with no need to return anything.

We also guarantee the durability and the integrity of our product coatings and colours for 15 years.

Cheap slat fencing systems will ultimately cost you in other ways...

There are many different slat fencing systems available today. After personally using several of them over the last decade I have come to realise a few things about the different methods out there and the different way that things are finished off.

Cheaper imported slats are unlikely to be powder coated to Australian standards and will only be available in a few ‘popular’ colours. They will not span as far between posts without bending out of shape and coatings can rapidly deteriorate in the heat of an Australian summer. This means more posts and more labour are required to get the job done, and it may not look great for long. Gate frames will usually need to be welded up from scratch to suit the job and then powder coated separately. They can look okay, but this process can take some time.

Often cheaper slats require each piece to be individually aligned and screwed into place. One by one... This is really labour intensive and the screws can look unsightly. It also leaves a lot of room for things to go wrong - get out of level, or end up with uneven spaces between slats.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about doing things this way. I get it. Time and time again we see where a new build has gone over budget and the final touches like landscaping and fences need to be done as cheaply as possible. It’s totally understandable.

I have always found, as an installer myself, it was always best practice to align with the best quality materials and suppliers to work with. Top quality finishes and workmanship attract top quality customers (such as you) and these are the very best people to work with - people that truly recognise value and understand that you always get what you pay for. Also working with great materials makes you look pretty great too, and who wouldn’t love that right!?

Now as a supplier, we are proud to bring education hand in hand with our product so you can learn exactly what is required to do the job before you start. Your free installation guide is available below. We also bring our state of the art materials quantifying to the table. What’s this then? It means we can quickly price your job and only give you what you need. We can also provide you with an exact cutting guide to reduce wastage to a bare minimum, remove the guesswork and speed the build process up. It’s a terrible feeling to come up slightly short on a job... and even worse to finish with piles of material you've over spent on. So we do everything we can to avoid such mistakes.

You will also need to get your hands on a free copy of our comprehensive installation guide. It will help in making your job as straightforward as possible. There are a few ‘magic numbers’ that you'll need to get your gate openings perfect and tips for making everything super easy.

If there’s anything else you need to know after reading over this guide please hit us up on our email or give me a call. We are always here to help.

Best wishes,

Dan Wiley
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